2012+ Audi A4 and A5 Headlight build services

2012+ Audi A4 and A5 Headlight build services

This is a build service utilizing customer provided housings. Once your order is placed we order all the components of your build. Some of the parts come from the UK, so please allow 1 - 2 weeks for us to recieve all your parts. Once all your parts arrive we will then instruct you to ship your headlights to us. This minimizes downtime for your vehicle. Turn around time for this service is 1 - 2 weeks after we recieve your headlights. Choose from the multiple options to build out your own custom Audi headlight. Color changing RGB DRL boards, Color Changing Demon Eyes, custom Etched projector lenses, custom paint, custom carbon fiber corner light lens covers. This modification will require coding after re-install into your car. You will need to reset adaptive lighting modules and code out the corner lights if you add the carbon fiber lenses. 


When choosing your options on the build, any RGB Color-changing fearure requires the RGB remote control to both power them and to control them from your phone. The remote control is the Morimoto XBT remote. From there you can decide if you want the DRL's and Demon eyes. The DRL's work as normal if you have the remote turned off, once you turn it on it will work in the full spectrum of colors. The demon eyes provide a colored glow behind the projector glass. It looks even better with custom etched lenses. Also we can do other designs. Just send us a message prior to ordering to confirm your custom design possibility. 

  • Turn Around and Logistics

    For all owner supplied builds, we ask that you hold on to your headlights until we have recieved all the components for your build. We will do all the prep etc to all your parts first, then we will contact you to go ahead and ship over your headlights to us. This minimizes your downtime. Once we recieve your headlights, the turn around time is 1-2 weeks. 

    Please use a professional packaging company to ship your headlights. They need to be double boxed and stuffed or wrapped in bubble wrap/packing peanuts to the point that the headlight cannot move inside of the boxes. They will go through multiple tosses and heavy weight stacking by Fedex/UPS/USPS. We are not responsible for headlights damaged in shipping. 

RGB Color-changing XBT Controller
RGB Color-Changing DRL Boards
RGB Color Changing Demon Eyes
Honeycomb Etched Projector Lenses
Carbon Fiber Corner Lens Replacement
Custom Paint Options

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