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9005/9006/H11 -  B3 Bi-LED Projector Retrofit Kit

9005/9006/H11 - B3 Bi-LED Projector Retrofit Kit

This kit is built and geared for Vehicles that use either an h11 or 9005/9006 bulb for their low beam and high beam bulbs. This kit is not for vehicles or aftermarket lights with OEM Projectors. It will be plug and play, and connect right up to your oem headlight plugs. Simply pull off your headlights, open them up and install the projectors into your low beam headlight opening. We include 9005/9006 and h11 connectors in the kit. So just use the correct one for your vehicle for low and high beam triggering of the projector. If you want to use dual high beams you can add a 9005/9006 splitter. This will send high beam power to both your oem high beam location and the projector. You can add Front, rear or both front and rear Switchback halos to your order. Switchback halos are white and Amber, and can be used as white DRL with amber turn signal. Or you can just wire them up as full time amber. Lens Etching is available, but it does add 2 weeks to the eta of the kit. 1 pair of b3 Bi-LED projectors 2 pairs of h11 and 9005/9006 connectors Your choice of the apollo v1, v2 or v3 shrouds 2 year warranty

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