96 - 02 4runner BX Built Fender Flares

96 - 02 4runner BX Built Fender Flares

Now in Full Production - Lead time is 4-6 weeks.


FInally introducing a product exclusive to BX Built. We've been working hard at these for over  a year now.  The latest design provides an opening for the gas doors.We offer these in 3 material options:


FRP : Fiberglass - comes delivered in flat black

Carbon Fiber : Carbon Fiber Fender Flares (Comes delivered Clear Gloss Coated)

Custom Carbon Fiber options : These are by special request


***Professional Installation is recommended by an experienced custom body shop. These flares are designed for "Flareless" trucks. They do not line up with factory flare mounting holes. If you want to switch to these flares you will need to fill the oem square holes. These mount via Rivnut and bolts. We provide the rivnuts, spacers and bolts.***