BX Built B3 3.0" Bi-LED Projectors

BX Built B3 3.0" Bi-LED Projectors

3.0" Bi-LED projectors with an ultra focused hot spot. Clear optics, easy install mini shaft. Fits all full sized shrouds. Check out the single projector and complete installed pair outputs in the photos. These have blown us and our customers away since 2019. And now you can install them into your own DIY headlight builds with ease.


Projector Specifications

Lens Diameter - 2.8"

Lens - Clear Kuria glass

Input voltage - 12v

Led Driver output: 35.2 watts at 2.75 amps at 12.8 volts

High beam : 46 watts at 3.57a at 12.8v

LED Chip : GPILED Chip CA8T-9Knw

Kelvin : 5000k


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