BXBuilt Modular Hex Garage/Office lighting

BXBuilt Modular Hex Garage/Office lighting

Modular Lighting for your home office or garage. Each kit can build a single panel thats 16' x 8' in overall size. Or you can use the border pieces to mount on your wall as side lighting etc. You can also split the kit up into more shapes and designs if you get creative.


Each kit, if powered as one single fixture requires 6 amps of available 110v power. Or you can split the kit up and your electrician can feed it in sections. It includes multiple hook up cables for your electrician or installer to work with.


Professional installation is recommended. In order to suspend this from a ceiling, you will need to build a custom frame to support it. Lead time is 2-4 weeks if not in stock.


2 year warranty

720watts LED lighting with 90 cri led chips - 5000k temperature

6amps @ 110-120v

  • Lead Time

    Lead time after ordering is 2-4 weeks on average if not in stock.

  • Warranty information

    2 year warranty on the parts in the kit