Land Cruiser 80/100 Series Retrofit Headlights

Land Cruiser 80/100 Series Retrofit Headlights

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Land Cruiser 80/100 Series retrofit headlights. Choose from single Pair of projectors retrofitted or for 2 pairs (quad projectors) which with our mini bi-led projector will give you 4 low beams and 4 high beams. Or go with our tried and proven Multi High LED as an added spot off style off road high beam. Either way you will have an amazing setup for years to come and give your classic Land Cruiser the latest in LED Projector lighting technology.


The Base Build includes new DEPO LC80 or LC100 series Crystal Clear Lensed headlights.Our b3 Projector retrofitted into your main low beam opening. Optional Adds: Quad Projectors choosing from either our Multi High LED Projector or our Mini Bi-LED Projector (Both are photographed above) The Mini Bi-LED gives you true quad projector lighting, meaning 4 low beams and 4 high beams.


The Apollo v2 and v3 are our standard shrouds for the LC80. You can easily add Panamera or Turbine shrouds from our Headlights add on menu to change it up and give it halos.


 The LC100 can fit all of our shrouds. Demon eyes and halos are compatible with both chassis To view all the possible headlight add on upgrades :


"Click Here for Halos and other ADD ONS"


We now also make a complete set of Corner Lights and Bumper Lights for the LC80 series


"Click here to see the Custom Corner Lights and Bumper Lights Menu"

  • 2022 Lead Times

    Current Lead Times for start of 2022 are still 22 weeks Minimum. However this will be improving drastically in the very near future as we have doubled our team size and are now fully stocked with inventory. Lead times are only an estimate. We do deliver normally ahead of schedule and will provide tracking information as well as photo updates as builds progress.

  • Refund and Sales Information

    All headlights are custom built to order. We do not accept returns or offer refunds on custom headlights. We do warranty our work and the internal components for 2 years on the projector install and the components we have installed. Damage from off-road use to housings or headlight lenses will not be considered a warrantieable item. Weather, sun damage etc of the housings we do not cover as we do not manufacture the housings them selves. 

    We cover "return to us" shipping the first 30 days after your lights have been recieved. After 30 days, any warranty work the owner is responsible to ship us the product. We always cover "return to owner" shipping during the 2 year period. Cleanings are free as is labor for upgrades. Buy any upgrade add ons you want like additional halos, newer projector upgrades during the 2 years, ship us the lights and the labor to install it all is free as well. Again, "return to us" shipping is only covered for the first 30 days after lights have shipped to you. So inspect for shipping damage immediately, install the lights professionally or by following our starter guides as soon as possible to ensure all the electronics survived their journey across the country. Call us immediately at 702-301-9637 to report any shipping damages and or failures.

    All headlights are custom ordered and hand built to customer specifications. We do not offer any refunds after 7 days towards headlight orders. Any orderes cancelled during the 7 day period will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. All needed components are purchased immediately after placing your order. If you need to exchange or have wrecked your car, we can offer full credit toward your next headlight purchase or next vehicle.

  • Shipping Info

    Shipping is $50.00 to lower 48 states

    Hawaii is $100.00 - $250.00 depending on weight

    Canada is $120.00 - $300.00 depending on weight

    Please message us with any international shipping requirements.