Mini 2.5" Bi-LED projector

Mini 2.5" Bi-LED projector

This is our Mini 2.5" Bi-LED Projector. It sames the same frame as other Mini H1 HID Projectors if you plan to bolt it in to your build using the classic method. It has a slim threaded shaft for easy install into reflector bowls as well. 


30w LED Driver 

5500k Kelvin Temp LED Board

Easy Install

Mini H1 Frame


This is a 2.5" projector. Its used in smaller spaces mainly. It uses a 2.5" Mini Gatling shroud with ease. To size up to a full size shroud you need to use a centric ring. We include them if you add the full size shrouds. Take measurements of your housings to see what larger shrouds may or may not fit. 

    Add Mini 2.5" Shroud
    Add Centric Ring and Full Size Apollo Shroud

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