RGB Controller - NEOPIXEL RGB bluetooth controller

RGB Controller - NEOPIXEL RGB bluetooth controller

This is a special controller used for our Chasing Neopixel Halos, Neopixel LED strips and demon eyes. We have 2  models of this control system.


The Standard Neopixel Control System which can control and power upto 2 pairs of Neopixel items. A front and rear halo system for example. Or a neopixel turbine with neopixel demon eyes. Simply hook up the power and ground for the control system and plug your accesories onto it. 


The HD Neopixel Control System can power up to 4 pairs (8 total) or more of Neopixel RGB Halos and Neopixel RGB strips. It also includes heavier gauge wiring with an easy to install terminals already crimped on. We do still recommend going to an auxiliary switch on the power side, but you can go direct to your battery and turn it off by using the app.


We package these with the sp110e bluetooth receiver which uses the amazing LED Hue app which is amongst the most stable of all lighting control apps on both Android and Apple IOS. It has full control of our RGBW halos and demon eyes including a true white channel. 

    Neopixel RGB System

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