Sequential 3rd Gen 4runner headlights with Halos

Sequential 3rd Gen 4runner headlights with Halos

Our latest build series is sure to be a hit with the 3rd gen 4runner community. It starts with new housings custom retrofitted with BXBuilt Bi-LED B3 v3.0 projectors. The shrouds offered in this kit are the Turbines, Panameras or Apollo Shrouds. The Apollo Series will feature a front mounted Halo ring. The Turbines and Panameras feature a rear mounted ring, which is what gives them their unique looks. You can also upgrade the Shroud Halos to RGB Color changing. Switchback halos are installed into the shrouds by default.


Step 1:

Choose Black or Chrome housing paint


Step 2:
Choose Turbine, Panamera or Apollo Series Shrouds


Step 3:

Upgrade the shrouds to RGB (Yes or No) - this is for the Halo inside of the Projector Shroud. This allows for full bluetooth app control color changing. 


Step 4:

Add Black Corner Lights (Yes or No) - If you chose black housings and you want the corner lights to match,

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