X3 2.0 Bi-LED Projector Complete Retrofit kit

X3 2.0 Bi-LED Projector Complete Retrofit kit

***BXBuilt X3 2.0's are now shipping!!!***  


Our newest addition to our growing family of Bi-LED projectors. We gathered feedback from our customers, dealers and builders we team up with and put fourth what we felt answered the needs of everyone.


Ultra wide spread, large focused hotspot. Removable extra long mini H1 sized install shaft for super easy installs into reflector bowl housings. On board led driver for ease of install. Now, its literally install and go. No more parts sticking out the back to deal with. Install the correct headlight connector plug or go to your h4 adaptor harness and thats it.


We also dropped overall weight to make your retrofit install more reliable for off road etc. Plastic adjuster mounts in most housings groan at the weight of projectors being installed into them. These solve the issue of weight as well.


Build your kit out complete with Halos and an H4 harness if you need one. If you add the Panamera or Turbine shrouds, you must also add the rear halos at minimum if you want them to light up as intended. 


4800k Rating

35w on board LED Driver

Removable threaded install shaft

Light weight chassis

2 year warranty


Note: All H4 equipped vehicles require our H4 harness adaptor for the retroft to work correctly. Example 96-02 4runners, all Tacomas from 96-15, Pathfinders, Jeeps etc. If you are unsure of which stock low beam bulb your vehicle uses, please search for it before completing your purchase.

  • DIY Kits shipping and lead-time

    This DIY kits usually ship with in 3-6 weeks. Sales will slow down order processing due to volume. We always process the orders as fast as possible and in the order recieved. If you are ever concerned with your order, simply send us a message or a phone call to check on the status of your order.

  • Projector Warranty

    All of our headlights and BXBuilt parts are covered with a 2 year warranty. Simply contact us to help troubleshoot and or schedule a warranty repair or replacement.