X3 3.0" Bi-LED projector

X3 3.0" Bi-LED projector

Our X3 3.0" Bi-led projector is our closest competitor to whats already on the market of led projectors today. It shares the frame of many D2s projectors, so bolt in installs are easy. It also has a removable mini h1 sized threaded shaft install for easy installation into reflector bowls. The beam pattern and cut off on this projector is WIDE. Its hot spot is not as intense as our B3, but its width is untouchable. It features a nice even hotspot across the cut off area. Check out the photos from just one projector in the photos. We use these on our 2014+ 4runners, GX470 builds etc. Practically any vehicle with an oem projector and the correct adaptor brackets can accept these projectors. 2 year warranty


Projector Specifications

Lens Diameter - 3.0"

Lens - Clear Kuria glass

Input voltage - 12v

Led Driver output: 32  watts at 2.5 amps at 12.8 volts

High beam : 40 watts at 3.125a at 12.8v

LED Chip : GPILED Chip CA8T-9Knw

Kelvin : 5000k


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